Thomas Buchanan

On November 3rd I am running for Tiverton Town Clerk.

I'd appreciate your vote to select me to work for our Community.

I am Committed to you and all our neighbors.

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Thomas Buchanan

Candidate for Tiverton Town Clerk


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About Me

Thomas R. Buchanan is a father of four, husband to his beautiful wife Nickie, animal lover, friend, and retired U.S. Navy, who has lived in Tiverton, with his family, since 2015. He actively supported the FY2020 Budget 2 and was an energetic participant in the history-making Recall Election. He is a member of the Tiverton Library Foundation Board of Directors and has focused on fundraising initiatives within the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic. He volunteered as a parent, meeting with school administrators and teachers through early planning for strategies to return our children to school in the safest way possible and enthusiastically supports local Parent Teacher Organization efforts. In his spare time, he advocates against pineapple consumption, especially on pizza. Thomas is ready to work for you.

Born and raised in central Utah, Thomas served his community as an Emergency Medical Technician, providing lifesaving medical care to diverse communities across the Salt Lake Valley. He joined the U.S. Navy in July 2001 and dedicated his efforts to supporting the Global War on Terrorism for the next two decades, including working with local leaders to promote stabilization for their communities in a politically charged area of Afghanistan, until his retirement related to injuries sustained, in combat. Tiverton is a beautiful community and an exceptional place to live and grow. He and his wife are proud to raise a family in a community that understands the value of education, community, maintaining the local history, and natural resources while balancing the need for modernization.



Why I'm running for Town Clerk

I am running for Tiverton Town Clerk to preserve the legacy of Nancy Mello and her contributions to the community, for future generations. I am honored that Nancy asked me to carry her legacy and I am ready to serve the community.

Nancy did an incredible amount of work to modernize the services that have improved our community, and my goal is to continue her efforts and expand services to serve our neighbors.  Serving the residents of Tiverton is a privilege that I do not accept lightly, and I recognize that being the Town Clerk requires accuracy, integrity, and protecting privacy. As your Town Clerk, I will ensure a smooth transition into the next decade while ensuring every resident is treated respectfully, with an emphasis on exceptional customer service.


I am a proven, effective, communicator, adept at multitasking, and prioritizing in a high-pressure work environment.  During my service, I supported U.S. military operations in a variety of roles directly supporting strategic goals and expanding services to promote unity and jointness among the various military branches, and as Town Clerk, I would bring that breadth of experience to the office every day. I am solution-focused, versatile, and laser-focused on providing leadership and teamwork and process improvement. My background in privacy and security matters will ensure private information is protected under local and state regulations at all times.

Priorities & Focus

Assisting the needs of our residents is my top priority while we improve and modernize how residents experience town services.

Communication is Key:

  • Implement business-minded battle rhythms.

    • A battle rhythm uses information and decision processes to make decisions. A result-oriented process with a clear purpose to support town departments and committees, improving overall productivity at all levels.

    • Business battle rhythms are important because the pace of business today is extremely fast. With the Internet and communications technologies available, even the smallest department can gain an advantage that improves service.

  • A central location to post the results.

    • Useful information, updated regularly, in an easy to access and navigate format available to all residents.

  • A list of follow-up action items.

    • Holds elected members and town employees accountable to the residents.

    • Prevents items from becoming lost in the daily hustle.

    • Residents are better informed on issues and projects that will affect their quality of life and whom they can speak to if concerned.

Improve transparency:

  • Modernize and improve Town Hall’s webpages to improve usability.

  • Utilize social media to provide useful information to residents.

    • Snow days, trash pickup delayed, upcoming meetings, or events all shared using multiple social media platforms, improving communication to our neighbors.  

  • Open meetings and public records organized and obtainable to residents.

    • Create an online database, accessible to the public, where information is freely available while continuing to safeguard sensitive information protected by law. Open access at your fingertips with assistance from the clerks available to address any questions.

  • Regular updates on the spending of interest to taxpayers, available online.

    • How much did the town pay in litigation this year, last quarter, last month? How much was spent for the most recent FTR? What is the current total of revenue from the casino or pay as you throw bags?

Remove barriers:

  • The improved process to ensure residents are able to receive tax relief based on current allowed by local and state law.

  • Update/Upgrade access to review and pay taxes, online, reducing the requirement to visit town hall while improving access to staff to resolve questions or concerns.

  • Leverage available technology to enhance the customer service experience.

  • Partner with town departments to ensure relevant information is accessible to all residents, through various technology while still utilizing local newspapers, newsletters, and community information boards.

Reduce spending:

  • Review every process and look for areas for improvement with an emphasis on cost reduction.

  • Eliminate outdated or unused programs


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​***Register to vote by Sunday, October 4th, 2020 to ensure your vote is counted***


 I have chosen to humbly decline all donations to my campaign. Thank you for all those who expressed interest donating.

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